They call me ROAKE beauty queen, Yes I am!

They call me ROAKE beauty queen, Yes I am!

i love it when i see Nigerian brands doing good stuff especially in the skin care industry, today i will be reviewing a skin care products from a brand called ROAKE. .

  • ROAKE Vita Plus Masque
  • ROAKE Pollution Solution Mist
  • ROAKE Pore Clearing Cleanser

First I must commend Roake for these clean skin product, the packing is simple and neat yet sophisticated, you just know you are about to use premium natural products on your skin.

If you are like me that prefare products that are natural or has no harmfull ingredient in it , then i think you should put Roake products on your list, Though a bit Pricey but the products are worth the money.

Dont all 3 look good together? lol.

Ok lets go right into the review starting with the Roake Vita Plus masque. Ingredients in this litle jar of goodness packs a lot of punch , but these ingredients im about to list is what made me fall inlove with this masque they are: Purified water, Bentonite , Safflower seed oil, Zinc Oxide, Witch Hazel Leaft extract, Ascorbic acid, Chamomilla recutita flower extract , Callendulla of cinalis flower extract.

ROAKE Vita Plus Masque

Its safe to say this is a Pore -Purifying Maque . in it , its got Vitamin A, C , D and E to restore your skins healthy vitality withing minuites, this pore -purifying products has blends of 3 soothing clays and herbs. this product does not come in a powedery form where you have to mix it with a liquid to form a paste before use, Nah this masque comes already made ,saving you this stress, just apply to clean skin and leave for 10 minuites before washing off, its that simple.

Using this masque i not only felt calm but also my skin did glow after use and was not extremely dry after wash off unlike other clay masque that dry you out. This product as made my face smoother why this is now one of my favorite masque. to be used once or twice weekly.

“We all want that natural ,healthy glow!

Happily flawed

The Roake Pollution Solution Mist Toner is amazing and trust me when i say its not your typical toner and comes in a cute spray bottle. Here some of the ingredient i love specially in this Mist toner are: Lemon Extract and Hydrolyed algin, This mist Toner is Packed with Lots of Flower Extract.

ROAKE Pollution Solution Mist

Its a refreshing antioxidant blend of vitamins and extracts , it also minimises enviromental pollution and free radicals. Remember when i said its not your typical Toner, well i use this after im done with my skin care routine, you can spary the mist after application of sunscreen or if you decide to wear make up, well you can also spray the mist on your made up face, you can use it 2-3 times a day or as needed, well i use it as needed and its always handy in my purse.

ROAKE Pore Clearing Cleanser

ROAKE Pore Clearing Cleanser

It is also an extra- strenght Oil dissolving cleanser, i personally prefare tp call it a double powerd cleanser, it not only clears your pores but also dissolves oil. Some amazing ingredients this little bottle of cleanse have are : Peppermint Oil , Eucalyptus leaf oil , Thyme Oil , Sage Oil , TeaTree Oil, Willow Bark and Yucca.

This cleanser Dissolves oil and impurities without drying out the skin, i personally use this as my oil cleanser for double cleansing for my evening routine, it takes out my make up , sunscreen etc everything i applied on my face during the day , this cleanser takes it off in a jiffy, creating an oil free skin balancing system. if you have sensitive skin like me (oily and sensitive) you can use Roake beauty and not be scared. Totally recomending ROAKE BEAUTY products if you are looking to have clean skin free of chemicals.

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