Planning a Short trip and actually go on that trip can be fun and exciting ,especially if you are going with your friends or partner or family. A short trip might be what you need to get the accumulated stress out of your body, whats the point of working so hard and you can’t take time off for a little bit of ME TIME?

Whats In The Luggage

Clothes , Underwear , Bikini , Phone charging dock , Toiletries , statement pieces ,Sunglasses , Hat , heels , flat shoes and slippers.

These are the common things you are expected to put in your bag, but what about your skin care products? they are the most important essentials, imagine you going on a long trip/short trip or a staycation without your skin care kit . Girl!!! you will come back looking like your skin went to war. So its very important you take care of your skin where ever you go, this means your morning and night skin care routine continues… if for example you have planed for the trip like shopping, touring, going on daring adventures ,Parties and everything that comes with a fun trip, then obviously a 10 step skin care routine will be tiring to do, but Instead of a 10 step you can do a 4 step routine , to achieve that you need to pack up the basic skin care products , Also known as “the Primary” skincare products . So first off you will need

A small cute bag pack or a cool looking toilet bag that will contain your basics, which are

Oil cleanser , Foam cleanser , Toner , Moisturizer and Sunscreen. Now these are the basic skin care essential that must be in your bag. Other essentials are Perfume, deodrant or body spray/mist (looking good and smelling good is the best combo ever).

Full SkinCare Routine Products

But if you are like me whereby taking short cuts isnt an option when it comes to your skin care routine then , All these has to be in your bag.

Mini cute bag pack for products
  • Oil cleanser
  • Foam cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Ampoule
  • Serum
  • spot treatment
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • sleep mask
  • lip mask
  • face sheet mask
  • face oil

The list does seem long, and this could be quite a lot if you have the big bottle of all the product, so if you are on this table dont worry, theres a way out, you can get empty travel size on mini bottles at the store to transfer what you need in to them, like your oil and foam cleanser you can transfer to mini bottles, same goes for your Essence and moisturizer, you can transfer your sleep mask to a mini jar. The others like the serums, ampoule, eye cream , spot treatment, usually comes in a small tube or small dropper bottles, so theres no need to transfer those , unless you want to.

Please feel free to share your favorite skincare brand that you prefare to take on a short trip with you.

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