Wine brings back the joy that we lost somewhere

Wine brings back the joy that we lost somewhere

Well i dont Wine and Dine, I wine and Shine. .. This post is for the Wine Lovers out there, you are doing great Trust me…The joy of drinking wine is an unxplainable one. Wine goes with diffrent moods. Personally i have so many moods for wine drinking but for now i will tell you two of my favorite moods for me two for wine drinking , they are ‘one’ the bath tub, while having a good soak and ‘two’ drinking while having a chat with my girls,whether we are having a good or bad day, adding wine to the mood is uplifting.

Did you know that wine drinking has some health benefit? yes Drinking wine helps keep your heart healthy, Iit can give you a healthier skin, Helps Boost Your Body’s Defenses , It Can Keep Depression At Bay , It Can Help Prevent Obesity and It Supports Longevity of Life…

Wine and Shine goes with Laughter 🙂

Shine Begho

There has always been a competition of which is the better wine, RED or WHITE. Now diffrent individual with thier preference of wine, Its obvious one wine is better than the other, so if you are new to wine drinking and want to get your wine on then you are also in the right place

If you are going to drink wine, The clear winner is the red wine which is significantly healthier and has some amazing health benefit than the white wine or should i say less bad than white wine lol. Any brand is fine, just make sure its Red and also take note: the Older the Wine the better the taste and its benefit. Of course the older the wine the pricier it gets.

I always buy the wine i can afford lol , if you are a wine drinker whats the best mood to be for opening up a bottle of red goodness?

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