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Hello! I am Shine Begho, I am in my 30s, a wife and a mum to an adorable daughter. I am a media Personality, business owner and founder . One of the great voices on Radio and beautitiful face gracing your tv screen in Africa, Nigeria to be precise !!! yes i live and work in Lagos Nigeria , i have been on the radio air waves since 2008 and i have got myself nominations and awards to my name, i have done all the radio belts you can think of , but right now i host the weekend show on 102.3 maxfm. weekend radio is great for me at the moment because now i can always update my blog and work on other personal projects.


I am a lifestyle enthusiast, i love to Travel , Workout , i ,love healthy and clean food but i do cheat most times, oh well i can always work out right? glad we are on the same page. since 2016 i fell in love with kbeauty and and since then i have embarked on a clean and healthy skin tour, this is my cleanskin journey.

In this blog site Beauty And The Tips with Shine (BTS) we explore everything beauty , exploring and reviewing beauty products espeacially kbeauty products which i belive can never go wrong with your skin no matter your skin type, as long as you choose the right product for your skin type.

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Beauty and the tips with shine is not just a beauty blog but a movement spreading the word on how to achive a healthy skin, i do the research and give you my experience through product reviews, skin care routine and tips, new skincare products, active ingredients in products and what they do to and for the skin. We also tackle some skin issues and lots more!!! Beauty And The Tips is on live on radio every saturady morning 9am-10am on 102.3 maxfm and if you some how missed the show and would love to listen to a repeat, well you are in luck beacause the BTS podcast is hosted on Anchor fm, Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcasts, pocket cast, Beaker and more platform

You can also catch the BTS show on youtube if visuals is more of your thing, watch me chat with beauty industry experts, tackling one beauty topic at a time… dont forget to subcribe to my youtube channel, THANK YOU.

THIS IS Just The Begining!

If you live in Nigeria and you are having trouble getting authentic beauty products , prefarably Kbeauty products then look no further because BTS will be selling K beauty Products and other products that are cruelty free, BTS aim is to promote clean beauty, so we sell only products that will help improve your skin, the healthy way.

I’m a big believer, in that if you focus on good skin care, you really wont need a lot of make up.

Demi Moore

Thank you Demi Moore, there you have it, who needs make up , when you have great skin, just like Alicia Keys, i cant remember the last time i saw here wearing make up, her skin is flawless.

Dont get me wrong ,i’m not saying don’t wear make up, but wearing it daily, is not great for you skin.

I aways wear make-up for my photo shoots

I am always open to collaboration, as an influencer , so if you own a beauty brand like skincare, hair care , make up brand or own a spa , basically any business that promotes beauty and you want me to test your product or services and put up a review, i’m but an email away , collaborations makes the world a happy place.

Beauty And The Tips community is a group for individuals who are beauty enthusias,beauty consciuos or just curious about beauty and want to have fun trying products and hanging out with like minded people. If you fit the bill then please join our growing community.

Social media!!! yes Instagram, Facebook , Twitter , Tiktok and Linkdln, do follow my personal handles, its the same everywhere you go @shinebegho

BTS also has its instagram page @bts_beautyandthetips , just so you know give aways often happens on all platforms and handles , so if you are not following these social media handles , then i dont know what you are waiting for.


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